$FLIGHT Token:

$ FLIGHT is the official Flight of Legends token and is officially represented by its $ FLIGHT ticket. It has a maximum total supply of 74,000,000 (74M). It is a standard ERC20 token that serves as Flight of Legends' primary utility token.

Players need the $ FLIGHT token to start playing Flight of Legends. The token will also be used in the game's market place, and will also be used to pay for flight licenses.

Distribution and Unlocking

**🔥BURN: Will be burned 25% $FLIGHT Tokens are wagered at the Aviator's Bar .🔥 **🔥BURN: The tokens from the payment of all AeroImprovements will be burned.🔥

Utilities $FLIGHT

  • Payment of Aero Projects packages

  • Aviators Bar

  • Flight of Legends Rewards Management Center

  • Market Place Currency

  • Aero Improvements Payment

  • Flight License Payment

  • Rewards PVE / PVP /C2E

  • Unused Aero Legends maintenance payment

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