Aviator's Bar

​​Through a betting system the user will have the opportunity to win a two or three star Aero Legend.

The objective will be to go up 10 levels, by clicking on boxes which hide green and red flags and rewards, which can be: navigation charts, gasoline, airport taxes or hangar rental, all valid for one day; the objective will be to discover the green flags that will give you access to the AeroLegend. If you choose correctly, the user will be able to continue looking for more green flags, in more boxes. In case you select a red flag or a box with rewards, you can take them and try again.

The number of options on the platform will depend on the category of aircraft you want to obtain; In order to get the two-star Aero Legend you will have three option boxes, where only one will have a green flag to continue.

The three-star Aero Legend will have four option boxes, where only one will have the green flag option.

In both cases, there will be a box with rewards, that is, in the two-star Aero Legend there will be a box with a green flag, a box with a red flag and a box with a reward. In the case of the three-star Aero Legend, there will be one box with a green flag, two boxes with a red flag and one box with a reward.

Reward slots will be reflected up to level four. From this point on, they will only have one box with a green flag and the rest red.

There will also be a random chance to win a Jackpot prize for users who have failed to win the Aero Legend. The user can earn up to 90% of the total accumulated value so far. The remaining percentage will remain as the basis for the next Jackpot.

The user who wins the Jackpot will be able to withdraw a maximum of 3% daily of the total value won, taking a month to withdraw the entire prize. In the event that it is decided to withdraw a higher value, 50% of the total withdrawn will be charged. These measures will be taken, with the sole purpose that the value of the token is not negatively affected.

The Aero Legend earned can be added to the user's collection and used in daily missions. The user will be able to sell it on the marketplace when it is launched.

The tokens that users have bet and lost in this game will be allocated as follows

JackpotReward pool🔥BURN! 🔥




*All tokens bet will always be returned to the community, thus having a transparent and sustainable economy.

**🔥BURN: Will be burned 25% $FLIGHT Tokens are wagered at the Aviator's Bar .🔥

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