Click to Earn

Contemplated different phases of gameplay for Flight to Legends in a first experience for the user starts with Click to Earn:

Each AeroLegend must complete daily flight activities and once a week it will have a commercial or military flight depending on the type of aircraft. The daily flight activities have the objective of completing hours of practice and the flight mission will have the objective of carrying passengers or supplies from one point to another, as appropriate. It should be noted that in this phase of the project the users will have the function of the game, to click on the activities corresponding to the current day.

Each successful flight activity will generate a daily payment to the user in USD, in this way our pilots will be able to obtain profits for flying with their Aero Legends. The more stars the Aero Legend has, the higher the percentage of success in each activity and likewise your payment will be higher.

Rewards per flight:

  • ROI is calculated on the value of each AeroLegend and its success rate.

  • It should be noted that all values ​​are adjusted by Oracle.

  • The Pilot can only do one daily activity.

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