Gate 1

  • Research and Feasibility of Flight of Legends.
  • Aero Legends Design and User Interface.
  • Launch the Website.
  • Launch Flight of Legends Social Networks.
  • Aero Legends NFT Seed Sale (10%).
  • Contract audit
  • $ FLIGHT Token Private Sale.

Gate 2

  • Public Launch: IDO
  • Public Launch P2E: Aero Legends
  • Public Release P2E: Maps and Tracks
  • Public Launch P2E: Gasoline Tanks
  • Listed in Exchanges

Gate 3

  • Listed on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap
  • Marketing with Influencers
  • Public Launch: Aviator's Bar
  • Crypto-Media Marketing
  • Public Launch P2E: Aero Projects
  • Public Launch: Market place
  • Public Release P2E: Stacking Team Expansion

Gate 4

  • Public Launch P2E: Flight of Legends Sports
  • Public Launch P2E: AR Viewing of Aero Legends
  • Sponsorship and Strategic Alliances.
  • Game Development for Android "MOBA"
  • Game Development for iOS "MOBA"
  • Global Server Settings for the Game
  • Regional Game Servers Configuration
  • P2E Public Launch: Flight of Legends Test and Training Tracks
  • P2E Public Launch: Flight of Legends Battle Maps and Tournaments

Gate 5

  • Integration of Oculus lenses to the user's graphical environment and for the Augmented Reality display of Aero Legends
  • Sponsorship at local Flight of Legends tournaments
  • Metaverse development and parallel chains
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