Lets Fly!

In this document you can find the right way to FLY UP! with the NFT game Flight Of Legends.

About Us:

We are building an aeronautics metaverse and a fly to earn game on the Avalanche network. This metaverse will provide its users with a fun gaming experience based on the aeronautical world.

The aircraft industry has been vital in the development of human society, created a turning point for the scalation of mobility, and played an important role in modern wars, in the supply of food and getting resources to remote sectors of the planet. This is why we have decided to make a homage to these legends of steel, developing high-quality aircraft and airports to achieve an immersive aeronautical experience on the Blockchain.

Players will need to own Aero Legends (3D NFT gaming assets) to play, battle, collect, and earn $FLIGHT rewards.


To provide an excellent quality gaming experience, taking care of even the smallest detail, so that the user enjoys each activity within our metaverse while offering investors a safe and solid income.


To become a top GameFi project on Avalanche not just through a well designed tokenomics, but with a fun metaverse which user actually enjoy being part of.

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