Initially, the income administration from Navigation Letters, Airport Taxes and Hangar Rental will be done by the Aero Legends team and it will go directly to the rewards pool.

In order to carry out flights and complete daily missions, as mentioned in the previous section, each plane must meet these requirements so that the control tower allows it to take off.

Second phase for Airports:

Once we arrive to Gate 4 of the roadmap, airports will become available to be bought. Airport owners will be able to take a part from all income coming out of hangars rentals and airport costs, guaranteeing them a huge passive income.

¿How does it work?

All airport owners will get a fraction of the hangar rental proportionally, based on the air traffic it manages to obtain. The higher the air traffic, the higher the income from airport taxes.

  • Airport taxes will be paid according to the air traffic of each airport.

Airport Marketing or Advertising:

Airport owners will be able to advertise their airport all along race tracks and missions in order to get greater air traffic. They will also be able to advertise on runways at other airports, generating greater visibility.

They will also be able to organize prize bag tournaments that attract competitors using their competition tracks.

They will all appear in the top positions randomly. Only those who pay for advertising may appear in the top positions more often.

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